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    New Honeywell Analytics Sieger Apex Transmitter P/N 2110B 2204, Gas Detection

    New, perfect condition, fully functional. Electronic manual included, no box. Apex Transmitter for gas detection made by Honeywell Analytics/Sieger. Acquired from the Government of Canada. Still has its bottom protective covers.

    • Part Number 2110B 2204, Model 12345, Serial 3050121041011.
    • Specifications: Vmax=32Vdx, Pmax=7.0W, Relay Contacts: 28Vdc. 1.0A.
    • Marked Class I Div 1 Groups B,C,D
    • Weighs 9 pounds, measures 5 X 6 X 6 inches.

    $55.00 USD

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