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    Who we are

    What we do

    Montreal Collector is powered by Veteris Collection Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We buy, appraise, restore and sell antiques, collectibles, and industrial equipment. Contact us if you wish to sell us an item or request a specific one.


    We locate sought after artifacts and devices for our customers and ship them in 25 countries through our online boutiques. We provide secure shipping, professional packaging and efficient customer care.


    Our goal is to make sought after items accessible to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB, SME) and contribute to their growth. Recycling and salvaging is an important part of our work.

     Who we are, contact us

    Jean A Sarrazin, President and CEO: Our e-commerce expert. Developed and managed hundreds of websites in the past 18 years for advertising and government agencies, telecommunication companies and multinationals in Canada and France. Contact me

            Cendrine Mathews, Director of Operations: Our senior buyer. 20 years background in administration, quality control, building inspection and aircraft aviation assembly. Contact me