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    Marconi Salvita III Portable Lifeboat Radio Receiver Transmitter w/ Headphones

    Museum piece, self-contained emergency transceiver radio from the 1960's signed Marconi Salvita III, England. For use on large ships and lifeboats. Includes its original headphones, a long antenna, operating instructions (engraved on unit) and a 7 pages manual (PDF). Professionally cleaned, will require servicing to be functional. The motor turns freely when cranked and the power indicator starts lighting up, however not enough power to run the receiver. No broken parts, only minor scratches and a dent at the bottom. Original yellow paint and manufacturer's tag. Specifications: hand cranked generator, 3.5 Watts output, MCW mode, crystal controlled frequencies 500 and 8364 KHz. Unit measures 28 inches tall, 13 1/2 in diameter (18 in including handles) and weighs 77 pounds. The transceiver module is removable and connects to the generator with a plug, no wires required. The antenna is hidden inside a side handle cover which can be placed left or right. From the estate of a private collector in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). There is currently another one preserved at the Mariner's Museum and Park, Virginia, U.S.A.

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