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    6 Camera Zoom Lenses Eitar 135mm, Zeniton 200mm, Sun 200mm, Image 300mm, Tamron 220mm, Tele-Lentar 450mm, Olympus, Nikon AI, MC, SR-T, N-F

    Lot of 6 vintage camera zoom lenses in excellent condition, fully functional, very clean. Includes: an RPS Eitar Auto Multi-Coated 135 mm 2.8 for Olympus, a Zeniton 200 mm 4.5 screw mount, a Sun DC-1 Macro 35-200 mm 3.8-5.3 with a Nikon AI mount, an Auto Image 70-300 mm 5.6 with an MC mount, an Auto Tamron 70-220 mm 1:4 with an SR-T mount and a Tele-Lentar 450mm 6.5 with an N-F mount (can connect to a C-mount adapter).

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