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    Rare Antique Sante Crucianelli Castelfidardo Italia Piano Accordion 120 Basses 4

    120 ornate diamonds, gold flakes and mother of pearl appliques. Rare 1920's piano accordion manufactured by Castelfidardo in Italy. Beautiful circus style lettering "Cav. Sante Crucianelli F.Gli Castelfidardo". It has 120 bass buttons and a 41 notes keyboard. Original back and hand leather straps, none on the sides. Bellows show wear however they are still sturdy. Keys are in great shape except for the bottom D sharp key cover which is partly missing. One hammer head is missing on the third G Sharp. No bass buttons missing, mechanism is intact but requires alignment. Several buttons don't go back up smoothly. Decoration is in a remarkable shape, only a few small appliques missing.This accordion is in remarkable condition for its age but will require servicing to be in playable condition.

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