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    Oconnor Portable Pneumatic Camera Tripod Hydro-Ped 102-B, Rolling, Self-Leveling

    Serviced and fully functional. Pneumatic, rolling and self-leveling tripod for cameras and camcorders. Measures 68" fully extended and 33" folded, supports up to 100 pounds and weighs 38 pounds. Portable model 102-B Hydro-Ped by O'Connor Engineering, California, made in the 1980's. Hydraulically counter balanced adjustable column and self-leveling feet on any terrain. 3 3/4" studio wheels, rolls smoothly. Excellent working condition, minor scratches and loss of paint on legs. Retractable legs and column. Several camera head models fit the top plate. Top plate can also be easily adapted to fit photo cameras and spotlights. Shipping box measures approximately 22 X 20 X 35 inches.

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