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    New Midtronics inTELLECT EXP-1000 HD Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform Kit

    New inTellect EXP-1000 HD expandable electrical diagnostic platform with accessories. For testing 6 and 12-volt heavy duty automotive and commercial batteries as well as 12 and 24-volt charging systems. Set includes:

    • InTellect EXP-1000 HD testing unit
    • Original instructions manual
    • Heavy duty battery test cable (15-foot)
    • Digital multimeter (DMM) cable
    • Banana jack adapter and probes with an integrated RJ45 adapter
    • Heavy duty TL-15 test lead set including an RJ45 adapter
    • Group 31 stud adapters
    • Side-post stud adapters
    • Original hard case. Built to hold all accessories including optional ones like the amp clamp and printer (not included).
    • Industrial surplus equipment from a Montreal distributor (Quebec, Canada)

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