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    Advantage Spring-to-Close Valve 1" Flange 60 Psi w/ 2155 Diaphragm Valve, Clamps

    Very clean, inspected and functional. Spring-to-close valve by Advantage ITT Pure-Flo, 60 Psi max pressure, model 5-F-419-8-4-TM-31S-A208 with an added diaphragm valve #2155 by ITT Pure-Flo. All 3 flanges have a 1" outside and 3/8" inches inside diameter and come with their gaskets (3). 2 flange clamps and a quick connect 3/8" 90° elbow fitting are also included. Weighs 2.08 Kg and measures 4 1/4 X 8 X 6 inches. All parts can easily be disassembled as needed.

    $24.50 USD

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