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    BW Gas Alert Quattro 4 Digital Gas Detector Monitor Set, 2 Batteries, Aspirator

    Fully functional and calibrated Gas Alert Quattro multi gas detector set by BW /  Honeywell. Includes all standard accessories and more: 1 rechargeable battery pack with charger, 1 battery pack that works with 3X AA batteries, heavy duty case with 2 keys, Gamic-AS02 manual aspirator pump with sampling probe, calibration cap and gas regulator, battery pack screwdriver, hoses and  instructions manual. All accessories and case are very clean, detector unit has a bright 1 5/8 X 2 inches digital screen, light scratches only. The unit's language and start message can be personalized using an IR link or MicroDock II station. Calibration gas test bottle shown on photos is not included due to customs regulations and can easily be replaced. Case measures 18 X 13 X 6 inches, total weight 9 pounds.

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