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    How to make a living from your own collection of antiques and collectibles

    1. Buy artifacts you like too much to sell. Choose quality over quantity.
    2. Write detailed descriptions and take great photos of your finds. Price them realistically.
    3. Forget old style local auctions and sell multi-channel yourself: Ebay, Kijiji, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    4. Become a shipping guru, build you own shipping rate list. Someone in Mongolia is ready to kill for your Art deco lamp.
    5. Keep your inventory tight. A small rusty part can fire up a $20 000 muscle car again.
    6. Hunt for new finds everywhere and don't be shy to become friends with scrap dealers and garbage men. They are often as knowledgeable as your local antiques dealer.
    7. Keep a high quality 5% of everything you salvage. When it doesn't fit in a room anymore, start selling that collection and begin another one.
    8. Don't accumulate, you'll always find cooler treasures. Work hard on finding the right buyers to preserve them.
    9. Share each treasure you find with your kids and show them how they work. It helps develop their taste and skills.
    10. One day, your very resourceful teen will try #1 without asking. Don't we love entrepreneurship?

    Jean A Sarrazin, Professional Picker and President of Veteris Collection Inc.

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