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    Can't tell if a collectible is an original or a fake?

    When I find sought after collectibles and rarities, I always ask myself:

    • Is the vendor's price too high or too low?
    • Compared to other objets sold by this vendor, is it plausible to find an original here?
    • Is it unusually clean for its age?
    • Does the wear on the object look genuine or intentional?
    • If the paint isn't worn out, is it really original?
    • Online: Do I see all the angles of the objets, or am I facing voluntary omissions? 

    Train your eyes to differentiate the good defects from the bad perfection. There's no magic recipe except: Trust your instincts. If it looks too good to be true, it usually isn't awesome.

    Jean A Sarrazin, Professional Picker and President of Veteris Collection Inc.

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