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    WWII Germany 1936 War Ship Boat Chain Factory Order & Stamp Marked Heil Hitler

    Mint condition, original German war supply order dated 12/5/1936. Signed by hand and marked Heil Hitler. Double sided, with a 6 Deutsches Reich stamp. This is an order of 20 meters large tubular boat chains from the Shopping Nordwest Registered Company in Hagen Germany (Einkaufsverband Nordwest e.G.m.b.H) to the W. Schulte & Co. Tubular Chain Factory in Hachen (Röhrtaler Kettenfabrik). Company still exists today.

    Translation of the message: Please deliver immediately to our warehouse Hagen-Kûckelhausen. 20 meters of Ship chains. The delivery must take place immediately.

    In German: Liefern Sie bitte sofort franko unserem Lager Hagen-Kûckelhausen. 20 mtr. Schiffsketten. Die Anlieferung muss sofort erfolgen.

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