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    WWI 1914 Brass Shell Desk Lamps 15" Trench Art, Marked Patronenfabrik Germany

    Authentic brass shells engraved by the 29th Vancouver Battalion known as CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force). Bottom of shells are marked "Mai 1916, Patronenfabrik Karlsruhe Sp255" (under wood base). Both shells have very similar engravings: a crown, beaver, emblem of the Medical Corp, a snake and several leaves. Markings are the same: "August 4th 1914 - November 11th 1918, Overseas Canada Vancouver XXIX Battalion, Canadian Medical Corps." All parts are authentic except for the sockets. Bottom and top are wood, body is brass. Lamps measure 15.25 inches tall each without light bulbs. Ready to plug in, new sockets and wires.

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