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    Vintage Meyer-Optik Görlitz Domiron 2/50 Q1 Camera Lens Serial 2737269 and Exa Exakta Jhagee Dresden 35mm Camera

    Complete, all original, rare 1950's camera and lens set. High quality Meyer-Optik Görlistz Domiron 2/50 Q1 camera lens, Exacta bayonet mount, serial 2737269. The camera it was found on is included: an Exa Jhagee Dresden version 5 (1959-1960) 35mm SLR camera, serial 491603. All functions of the camera and lens work properly. Both are very clean inside and out, no broken or missing parts. The front glass of the lens shows small dots of delamination due to age and will required servicing. The camera has an SLR pentaprism finder, interchangeable with waist level finders. Lens is easily interchangeable using a lever.

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