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    Vintage 1978 Lego Hospital & Family Set #231, Complete Build, Hospital Splits Open, With Manual

    Christmas liquidation ends on the 31st. All original parts from the same playset dated 1978, with its manual printed in Germany. Pieces are all in excellent condition, very clean, none broken. Build measures 10" wide X 15" deep X 4" high. This is set No. 231. It follows exact instructions and is complete except for 2 blue window shutters, a small clock sticker and the front brick marked "hospital". Includes: 2 adults, 2 children, 1 pine tree, lots of flowers, hospital cart, 1 sink, 1 weights balance, 3 night stands with doors that open, 1 operation table and 2 hospital beds. Main sections will be separated for shipping. From a private collection.

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