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    Vintage 1960's Tokyo Kogaku UV Ultra Violet Topcor Topcon 50mm f/2 Prime Camera Lens for Topcon, Unirex, IC-1 35mm Cameras, Serial 68054581

    Excellent condition, fully functional, clean and clear lens. Signed Tokyo Kogaku UV Topcor f=50 mm 1:2, serial 68054581, made in Japan. UV mount lenses from Tokyo Kogaku were produced from the 1960's. Initially designed for the Topcon Wink Mirror S and Topcon 100 Auto/Uni cameras. Later on for the Unirex and IC-1 Auto. Designed without an aperture setting ring since it is located on the camera itself. Maximum aperture is dialed-in to the camera body control when installed, which sets the maximum aperture parameter for the camera's exposure system. Minimum aperture of f/22. Ultra Violet coating, no need for a separate filter.

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