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    Vintage 1930's Coca-Cola Tin Embossed Sign, Green Bottle, Black Outlines, Error

    This is a rare 1930's Coca-Cola sign in French. It measures 27 1/2 X 19 1/2 inches. The "Buvez Coca-Cola" (Drink Coca-Cola) and the entire green bottle are embossed and outlined in black. Inside the first "C" you will see "Trade Mark Registered". This advertising says "Rafraîchissez-vous, Buvez Coca-Cola, Sur Glace Vendu Ici" which means "Refreshes you, Drink Coca-Cola, Ice Cold Sold Here". There is an interesting error. French signs usually say "Vendu Ici Glacé" not " Sur Glace Vendu Ici" which is not correct French grammar. Please see photos for precise condition. It is straight and complete, untouched. It has small nail holes and sun damage since it lived its entire life outside.

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