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    Quick Mill Espresso Coffee Machine with Quickmill Coffee Beans Grinder, Cappuccino, Chrome Black Metal

    Very clean, versatile, ready to use. Low reserve, worth over 1000 USD. High quality coffee espresso and cappuccino machine signed Quick Mill. Measures 12 X 14 X 9 inches. It has a powerful 8 level coffee bean grinder, a milk bubble device (steam pipe), an easy to remove water tank, a large cup warming tray on top, a sturdy portafilter with a double spout and a custom leather handle, a stainless mat and more. Excellent condition, professionally cleaned, only 2 thin cracks at the top of the grinder's reservoir which we repaired (see last picture). If you have a small coffee shop or are a coffee connoisseur, this model is versatile, powerful and just the right size.

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