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    Lot of 3 Vintage Yashica 35 mm Cameras models EE, GSN and Electro 35 FC with Original Prime Lens Yashica Yashinon, Complete, Need Servicing

    Lot of 3 original and complete Yashica cameras from the 1980's. They all require repairs to be fully functional: Aperture and meter issues mainly. All lenses and battery compartments are clear and clean. Includes a Yashica Electro 35 FC with a Yashica Yashinon DX 40mm 2.8 prime lens, a Yashica GSN with a Color Yashinon DX 1.7 45mm prime lens, and a Yashica EE with a Yashica Yashinon 4.5cm 1.9 prime lens. No broken parts, surface scratches only, all cameras are clean inside and out. Batteries not included, modern replacements will be specified for each camera. Value of each camera ranges from 85 to 120 USD each when fully functional. Great for collectors and repairmen.

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