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    Industrial Device Machine Motor with Spikker Carbide Guide Blade, IMS Mdrive 17 Plus, Magnet-Schultz GFCX Lifting Magnet, GYSIN CH4452 Itingen Planetary Gear Box

    Excellent condition, fully functional, high quality industrial device. Custom made, rolls, wraps, cuts and more. Built with over $1500 USD in components. High quality aluminum and steel construction, measures 10 X 6 3/4 X 14 1/2 inches deep, weighs 48 pounds. All components have their original tags. Includes:

    • 1 Spikker carbide guide blade model 3320-049-P
    • 1 IMS MDrive 17 Plus stepper motor and driver encoder by Schneider (tag also specifies "Collector M222 Knife Rotation")
    • 1 Magnet-Schultz Memmingen lifting magnet model GFCX 050 X00 B12, 24V, 0.84A, 100%ED, 10mm
    • 1 GYSIN CH-4452 Itingen planetary gear box  (Planetengetriebe) model 042-2/24:1, made in Switzerland
    • 3 adjustable guides/handles with large knobs

    Cables, installation and software not included. Acquired from a closed down plant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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