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    Better Pack Shipping Packing Tape Machine Dispenser 8" with Heater, Tape Length Cut 6-36", Water Activated Gummed Fraft Tape, Model 555S

    Very clean, serviced and functional. This useful machine dispenses heat and water activated shipping tape to the length of your choice from 6 to 36 inches, using grey and white buttons on the wheel. It fits packing tape up to 8 inches wide. Machine has a clean and removable water tank, an integrated cutter, 3 brushes that wet the tape when it rolls through, a glue heater on front and 2 doors that open on top to help maintain and clean it easily. This is model 555S manufactured by Better Packages in Shelton, Connecticut. Machine has a long 9" grounded and safe electric cord. It measures 11 X 10 X 17 inches and weights 25 pounds. It can also be used for book binding, collage and crafts. Machine has only light scratches and stains.

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