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    Aquaplast Radiotherapy Mask Mold Casting from Medical Patient 22X19", Soaked Thermoplastic, Clips Hold Patient on Radiotherapy Machine

    Excellent condition, no broken part, very clean. Genuine mask from a radiotherapy patient. Material is Aquaplast and is used to stabilize cancer patients during radiation therapy. This thermoplastic keeps its shape once positioned on the patient's body and targets are added to it for precision. It starts as a flat sheet, soaked in lukewarm water during a few minutes. The white clips hold the patient steady on the platform of the radiotherapy machine. Measures 22 1/2 inches wide, 19 in tall and 9 1/2 in deep. The mannequin head is for demonstration only, not included. Can easily be hanged on a wall, held on a stand or be used as a cool lamp shade.

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