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    Antique Holy Card Lace Canivet by Letaille Boumard Paris, Secrets of the Cross
    • Original, mint condition. Lace is perfect.
    • Marked "Paris, Maison CH. Letaille PL. 749, Boumard & Fils Pontifical Editors'.
    • Beautiful lithography of a woman leaning her head on a Crucifix.
    • Entitled "Les secrets de la croix, J'entends la voix de mon Bien-Aimé...".
    • Translates to "The Secrets of the Cross, I hear the voice of my beloved...".
    • Holy card is in French. Back is a long French prayer expressing empathy towards the sufferance of Jesus on the Cross.
    • Holy card translates into "Prière pieuse" in french.
    • Measures: 3 X 4 3/4".

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