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    Antique 1902 Waltham Royal Pocket Watch 14k GF Hunting Case 3 Covers #1899
    Runs for a few seconds then stops. Dial, crystal, case and chain in excellent condition. 3 folding cover case. Matching case serials. First cover is marked "14K Guaranteed 25 years 1044595" with a crown. The second cover is marked "Philadelphia Watch Case 1044595" with a crown. Very clean nickel plated mechanism marked A.M.M.CO. Waltham Mass. with serial 11536942 which dates it 1902, 17 Jewels adjusted. 51 mm diameter, 13 mm thick case. The "14K Guaranteed 25 years" marked on cover meant that the case was covered with a layer of 14k gold and that this gold layer would not wear through the brass for 25 years. In other words, case is not solid gold. It is gold filled (GF).


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