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    Antique 1841 Medical Book Practice ofMedecine by Doctor John Eberle, Chronic Diseases, Idiotisme, Hysteria, Appoplexia, Delirium Tremens
    Jaw-dropping medical texts, complete, published in 1841 by Grigg & Elliot, Philadelphia. Written by John Eberle M.D, 579 pages, second volume of two, 5th edition. Reading this book shows the striking evolution of Medicine, ethics and treatments. Includes research on chronic diseases, mental derangement, idiotisme, hysteria, delirium tremens and more. Book was owned by Doctor Jacques Fortier, renowned doctor and author from Montreal (Quebec, Canada) in the early 1900's. We acquired his private collection of antique medical books. Book was signed and annotated multiple times, some pages are stained, binding is still sturdy, old leather cover still holding.

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