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    Antique 1772 Book on Women's Mores by M. Thomas in Paris, Maps, Louis de France

    Authentic, remarkable condition inside and out, complete. Book is dated 1772 (M DC LXXII) by Editor Moutard, Paris. Author is M. Thomas from the French Academy, librarian of Princess Marie-Anne de Bavière (wife of Louis de France). Title is "Essai sur le caractère, les moeurs et l'esprit des femmes dans les différents siècles". Translates to "The personality, mores and spirit of women throughout centuries". Several other hidden sections in the book: A comparison between Paris and London with two large folded maps - A text on the Genesis flood and Noah.- An epistle on French author Racine. Editor Moutard was the librarian of princess Marie-Anne de Bavière or Madame la Dauphine as specified on cover page. It is also marked the book was approved by the king, who was Louis de France (sun of Louis XIV). From the private collection of late Doctor L.E. Fortier in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Interior cover page is hand signed by a previous owner or seller.

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