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    Vintage Space Age 8 Track Radio Stereo Sound System by Hitachi, Modernist Look, AM FM Stereo, Original Speakers, SP-2812  Japan

    All original with tags, complete, ready to play. Excellent working condition, powerful, no cracks or missing parts. Original 11 X 8 X 8 inches speakers with long wires and space age rounded shapes. Unit itself has a futuristic irregular shape, measures 19 X 10 X 4 inches. This is a rare Hitachi Ambiophonic stereo system with an 8 track player and AM, FM, LW and MW bands. Model SP-2812 made in 1975 in Japan, serial number 40711673B, AC 120V, 60Hz, 60W. Features: Molded plastic cabinet, silicon epitaxial transistor and IC circuitry, stereo indicator and tuning meter, loudness compensated volume control, manual and automatic 8 track channel change system. Works on standard North American electric outlets.

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